Internships in Interior Design in Dubai

Internships in Interior Design in Dubai 1

Interior Design internships in Dubai will allow you to work with various professionals and meet multiple clients. Interning in this field of work will help you better understand the world of interior design, the profession, and your interests.

In the past, getting an internship in an interior design firm would mean spending thousands of dollars on an internship program. But times have changed, and now you can find internship opportunities in Dubai for less than $200 per month.

We know you are in college now, so why not earn extra money while studying? And what better place to look than in Dubai, where there is a high demand for talented and creative people?

So, if you’re interested in learning about interior design, here are some of the best internships in Dubai that you can apply to to get your foot in the door.

Interior design is an exciting profession that involves creating more than just practical; it involves designing spaces that truly reflect your style, taste, and needs. You will have a massive impact on a project by giving it that extra touch. It is a beautiful opportunity to explore your creativity. The job is fast-paced, rewarding, challenging, and fun.

Internships in Interior Design

What is an internship in interior design?

An internship in interior design is a paid job that involves doing various tasks, such as:

• Designing a layout, plan, and space for a client

• Preparing and designing a design

• Planning and managing the project

• Writing specifications

• Doing research

• Other related tasks.

What does the typical internship entail?

Most internships in Dubai are part-time. Most firms require you to work at least 10-20 hours a week, and most places are happy to accommodate you.

You can expect to be asked to complete tasks such as:

– Making brochures

Creating visual designs

– Creating 3D models

– Creating digital content

– Working on projects with clients

– Working with architects and designers

– Testing furniture

– etc.

What skills do you need?

Ensuring you have the right skills and experience before going for a job is always a good idea. But, sometimes, you don’t have the time to find out if a company is hiring based on your skills.

Don’t worry because we have listed the skills that every aspiring interior designer needs.

You can check it out here.

#1 – Experience

Interior designers need to be skilled in various areas. For example, they must understand 3D modeling, CAD software, and Photoshop.

#2 – Creative

The best interior designers can come up with ideas and concepts.

#3 – Critical Thinking

A critical thinker can analyze information and develop the most effective solutions.

#4 – Problem Solving

Problem solvers must be able to think outside the box and find innovative ways to solve problems.

#5 – Marketing

Marketing is an essential skill for any interior designer. This includes designing logos, packaging, and advertisements.

Where can I find a good internship program?

Dubai has become a hot spot for any creative industry. As a student, you should start looking for an internship program immediately.

If you start as a designer, you can find internships in architecture and engineering. If you are more interested in interior design, try to find an internship program in Dubai that offers “Creative and Technology” programs.

A creative internship is a great way to develop your skills while having fun and earning money.

You will learn the basics of the design process and have the chance to see projects through from the initial concept to the final product. Most creative internships are for three months, but you can ask your employer if they have any pieces of training that are six or nine months long. You can always create your designs for clothing, toys, or even graphics for social media posts if you have an artistic side.

You can sell them on Redbubble, Society6, or Zazzle. There are many ways to get started with a creative and technical internship. If you want to be an architect, you should look for a program with a hands-on approach. An architecture internship is usually very helpful in getting a foot in the door of an architecture firm.

 Frequently asked questions About Internships in Interior Design.

Q: How did you land this internship?

A: My friend and roommate worked at Interior Design Dubai as a receptionist, and she told me about it. I was interested in interior design, so when I got the job, I thought it would be a great opportunity.

Q: What were you doing before you came here?

A: I worked as an office manager in a financial institution. I was doing well there and didn’t want to stay, but then I got transferred to another company where I did not like my coworkers.

Q: What kind of projects have you done?

A: I was assigned to do the office layout and decor. I did everything from picking up furniture to putting them together, painting, and hanging pictures. I also made the coffee table and the rug. I even did some artwork. I had so much fun doing these projects.

Top Myths About Internships in Interior Design

1. I will not get a job after getting my internship

2. Interns get a good salary and have no problem getting a job.

3. It’s a waste of time to do an internship.

4. Getting a job after completing an internship means having talent.

5. You don’t need an internship to get a job in the Interior Design field.


Dubai has a reputation as being one of the best cities to live in. However, the city offers many career opportunities for interior design students.

The best part is that many of these positions offer internships that let you gain experience before joining a full-time job.

Many of these jobs pay well above average. Some of the top companies in Dubai hire people with little to no experience for this kind of position.