Kolkata school to time college students

Kolkata school to time college students 1

Some days after a student was observed lifeless at a college in Kolkata, another college within the town decided to maintain tabs on time spent by students in bathrooms.

Kolkata school to time college students 2

The importance of South City International School announced for the duration of a meeting on Monday that students must mention their ‘in and out time’ on every occasion they need to use toilets, according to a file in The Telegraph.

The new rule, an excellent way to be implemented from Monday (July 1), is a measure the college has taken to recognize each student in case anything goes wrong. We will implement the rule of thumb from the following Monday because we need more hands out of doors in the washrooms [both boys and girls] to keep the check-in. If something goes wrong, the faculty must realize where the child is,” main John Bagul stated.

The measure was taken in the wake of the suicide at another school last week, where a category ten woman was discovered dead in a restroom with a plastic bag wrapped around her face and harm marks on every one of her wrists.

“These things could prevent, and the children would be watched all of the time,” a trainer said.

The college believes the pass could protect the organization’s interest and display a more significant duty on its component.

However, authorities admit that the guideline itself could not be enough to prevent youngsters from harming themselves if they wanted to.

According to the record, the school has also proposed to launch an additional mile program wherein teachers will visit the houses of college students from several lessons to test their surroundings and help them similarly.

The college sent a mail to all mothers and fathers asking them to approve or disapprove of the initiative.

“The greatest advantage of such visits is better informed about the child’s environment. It would also assist in broadening mutual belief and faith amongst parents, students, and instructors,” the e-mail signed via the foremost said.

“We realize there are dysfunctional families, and we intend to pay a go-to look at the circle of relatives’ set-up and the home surroundings so that we can help college students higher,” main Bagul added.