The New Boston Superintendent’s First Day On The Job

A new superintendent takes the reins of Boston Public Schools Monday, and she or he might be tasked with assisting to enhance the relationship among Boston’s schools and the groups they serve.

Brenda Cassellius starts a three-year agreement in Boston after serving because the commissioner of schooling for the state of Minnesota, and he or she said she intends to begin her new activity via hiring the proper human beings.

“I just want to start by coming in and building a strong team,” she said, “[and find] those … Factors that truly assist to, in a holistic manner, make sure that kids are successful.”

Last week Cassellius announced her govt leadership crew, which is bigger and more varied than the previous group.

“I worked surely difficult … to discover talent in the school district and to look for school leaders and principal office team of workers who exhibited a robust passion to help kids be the first-rate that they are able to likely be,” she said. “Having a diverse heritage is just the cherry on top.”

She said it’s essential for kids to have position models that seem like them and proportion comparable histories.
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Cassellius’ arrival additionally comes as Boston teachers begin the educational year with a new settlement, which does not include intellectual fitness care vendors in any respect schools within the district. She said her purpose is to paintings with network-based companions to fill in the gaps.

“I constantly say, ‘Children don’t come just by way of themselves,” stated Cassellius. “They truly are individuals of systems — school systems, family systems, and community systems — and we want to wrap our palms around them and support them in a holistic way.”