Why SFI wants the Indian authorities to claim a water emergency

The Students’ Federation of India (SFI) has demanded that the authorities offer unfastened schooling and hostel facilities for college students from drought-affected regions and announce unique fellowships for them. They also advised all universities and different educational establishments to organize programs to unfold focus about sustainable utilization of water and the way to at ease water assets.


The student corporation, in a declaration, also demanded that a water emergency be declared right away and a sustainable country-wide water policy is followed in conjunction with the conservation of water sources, investment in water conservation instead of water infrastructure, protection of wetlands and RAMSAR websites, growing tree cowl and so forth. Students throughout the country, specifically in Maharashtra, has already begun protests against the water disaster and the authorities sick-coping with the issue.

“Students from Nanded, Aurangabad and Amaravati University are protesting as we communicate against the water disaster within the region and that it’s been adversely affecting the scholars. They were protesting often for the past few months in this issue,” stated the General Secretary of SFI, Mayukh Biswas. “In 2015, Swati Pitale, a Class XI pupil from Latur had committed suicide due to the fact she did now not have the money to pay for her bus journey to high school. The 16-year-old drank pesticide saved in a shed in her father’s dried up tomato farm. In her suicide notice, the teenager pleaded the financial institution and money creditors now not to annoy her father. No one has been taking those issues critically. The water disaster is affecting the scholars of this us of a for a long time and it’s miles high time that we make people privy to it and take steps in the direction of a solution,” he introduced.

The disaster, they experience, isn’t due to lesser water resources but due to bad water management and lack of a complete National Water Policy. “The government is making an attempt to stop grievance on water control via showcasing this as a dire resource crunch. Seventy-five % of the households do now not have drinking water on their premises and 84% of rural families do not have piped water get right of entry to. 70% of the water is infected and India is presently ranked a hundred and twenty among 122 countries in water excellent index,” read the statement. “In many parts of India water supposed for irrigation and consuming are often diverted to massive companies like PepsiCo etc. And like each other crisis the negative be afflicted by the water disaster,” it similarly brought.

Due to extended droughts and repetitive crop disasters in conjunction with the rising price of fertilizers and pesticides, farmers are driven right into a vicious circle of loans leading to mass suicides, bonded labor and excessive drop-out costs among college and university students. “Unable to sustain their livelihoods they’re forced emigrate to big cities looking for jobs,” stated the SFI assertion and asserted that they demand an instantaneous announcement of a Water Emergency throughout India and a sustainable National Water Policy so that it will comfortable the Right to Water vis-a-vis Right to Life.

“We also urge all the universities to organize focus programs concerning the use of water, secure water resources. We have plans to mark our 50th anniversary via planting 50 lakh saplings with a slogan, ‘each one, plant one’,” said Mayukh.

Alleging that the lack of protection tests and irresponsibility at the part of the contractor killed 27-12 months-vintage protection shield Gautam Biswal on Sunday afternoon, the scholars’ union of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) on Monday demanded that the institute’s director apprise them approximately the preventive measures in the region to ensure such incidents do no longer occur once more. Students submitted a memorandum to IISc director Professor Anurag Kumar.

Biswal, who hailed from Odisha, has been operating as a protection defend at the Institute for the past 3 years. He became killed when the newly set up iron gate, weighing nearly a tonne, at the primary front of the institute going through CV Raman Road, collapsed on him as he changed into remaining it. The gate collapsed on him and his colleague, Anil Kumar. Biswal died immediately after the gate overwhelmed his head, at the same time as Kumar sustained intense leg accidents and is being handled at MS Ramaiah Hospital.