Why You Should Get A Community Association Manager License

Why You Should Get A Community Association Manager License 1

When we talk about the real estate industry, we tend to think of the agents that make buying and selling property possible. However, there are other opportunities within the world of real estate that offer even more stability. Becoming a community association manager or CAM is a great career move. However, to unlock this path, it’s essential to start with your CAM license.

Why should you think about getting a CAM license?

Read on to find out the significant benefits you’ll reap once you’ve earned your CAM license.

Why You Should Get A Community Association Manager License 2
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Getting Your CAM License Isn’t Hard.

Is it challenging to get your CAM license? Does it take a massive investment and years of your time? Not at all!

To qualify for your CAM license, you must first enroll in CAM courses. To take CAM courses, you need to be 18 or older, have a high school degree or equivalent, and access an internet-enabled device. From there, you can take your courses–which take 16 hours to complete–at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.

After you complete these courses, you’re ready to pass the test and earn your CAM license!

Community Association Managers Have Stability

What’s so appealing about becoming a community association manager? As our population grows, so does the need for housing. More and more Americans see the appeal of living in an HOA-run community or a condominium with association-managed amenities.

Once you get into the association management business, you’ll find that there’s plenty of work available–and the opportunities will continue to grow. Plus, the median salary of a CAM hovers around $60,000, and that pay isn’t contingent on variables like commission. With an excellent salary and stable work comes an unbeatable work-life balance.

Being a Community Association Manager Is Rewarding

Being a community association manager is exciting and rewarding, especially if you’re a people person. Each day your duties will vary, alleviating the workplace doldrums that come with other lines of work.

As a CAM, you can get involved in real estate’s creative side by creating marketing plans and organizing events. You can put your financial skills to the test by finding innovative, cost-effective ways to make the most of your annual budget. Plus, you can make a significant impact on your residents’ day-to-day lives by providing them with efficient maintenance, gorgeous public spaces, and unforgettable events.

If you love a challenge and love diving into new and exciting tasks, you’ll love becoming a CAM.

Get Your CAM License Today

Are you ready to open the door to a stable, exciting career path? Do you want to help neighborhoods and condominiums make the most of their resources? Get your CAM license today and get started making our dreams come true.

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