Education offers Kenyan prisoners wish of redemption and release

A SENIOR POLICEMAN in Kenya turned into currently sentenced to death for torturing and killing a prisoner who was brought right into a police station close to Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, for drunkenly brawling together with his wife. The policeman had thrashed him with a steel pipe, dunked his head in a drum of water and then, after the man had died, claimed he has been beaten through every other prisoner, who changed into to start with charged with the murder. Bribes were supplied to different prisoners to incriminate their fellow inmate. But the decision rejected the story and sentenced the cop to loss of life.

The police typically experience impunity, in particular after they kill suspected criminals, which they often do, sometimes by way of capturing them in the back of the pinnacle after nabbing them. More putting, in this situation, become that, a mere four days after he became sentenced, the errant policeman changed into sitting within the front row of a category of 15 prisoners in Kamiti most-safety jail out of doors Nairobi. Clad in the blue and white pajama in shape worn by convicts, he had already started a direction in regulation beneath the auspices of London University.

Through the African Prisons Project (APP), a British-sponsored NGO, approximately sixty-five Kenyan prisoners, almost all of them lifers or on death row, are taking lessons in regulation, their papers sent to and fro among London and Nairobi, Kenya’s capital. The scheme became began by a British lawyer, Alexander McLean, in neighboring Uganda 12 years in the past. In Kamiti prisoners and warders frequently attend magnificence together, once in a while supporting every other with homework or jointly fixing legal conundrums. “We’ve had so many achievement stories,” says George Diana, the officer in charge of Kamiti. “APP has greatly progressed the inmates’ capability to make appeals. Now judges certainly do concentrate.”

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