How to get an internship at RBI

How to get an internship at RBI 1

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) changed into mounted in 1935 and is the imperative banking organization of India. It offers a possibility to the Indian and foreign college students to paintings as interns and experiences the operating aof a centralized financial institution.

What are the types of internships at RBI, and who can practice?

How to get an internship at RBI 2

1. Summer placements – Students are pursuing bachelor’s in law or masters in commercial enterprise control, economics, econometrics, finance, banking, information, or commerce can observe a three-month internship at RBI from April to July. Selected applicants can be located at RBI offices throughout the usa and could get hold of a monthly stipend of 15K.

2. Research internships – Students are pursuing B.Tech/B.E. Or M.Tech in Computer Science or Data Analytics in conjunction with those pursuing masters or Ph.D. In economics, banking, data, or finance can observe a 6-month research internship at RBI’s Mumbai office throughout five departments, specifically the Department of Economic & Policy Research, Department of Statistics & Information Management, Financial Stability Unit, International Department, and Strategic Research Unit. Selected candidates might be offered a month-to-month stipend of 35K and can get a hazard to extend the internship for some other six months.