Affinity Designer Tutorial

Affinity Designer Tutorial 1

Since the world has moved towards the digital era and adapted to the latest technology, we have seen massive growth in the Information Technology sector. Therefore, increasing career opportunities in this sector has attracted people to it. Digital Marketing, Affinity Graphic design, Web Development, or any other field related to the digital world has created many career opportunities for people.

One such fantastic career profile is of a graphic designer or an illustrator. This is considered one of the most preferred career fields nowadays. It offers a great career and money and interests people, who love doing this work.

Today, in this article, we have developed a fantastic Affinity Designer iPad tutorial for all graphic designers and illustrators outside who deeply like their work but cannot afford costly monthly subscriptions to other apps. Affinity Designer is not a free app, but it will cost you much less than other apps” monthly subscriptions, as you need to pay once.

Affinity Designer Tutorial

For all those waiting for an affordable app, this is the right place to provide you with all the details in this article we call the Affinity Designer tutorial book.

Before moving further to its accessibility, let us briefly understand what this affinity designer is about. Serif’s software company created an Affinity Designer in the United Kingdom. It was designed to work as an alternative to Adobe Illustrator. It is available for Windows, Mac, and iPads and is incredibly beneficial for people who work with raster images and vector graphics.

Affinity Designer Personas

This is one of the most loved aspects for illustrators as they can use this in three personas: Designer Persona, Export Persona, and Pixel Persona. Let us now briefly explain each of them to make you aware of their usage.

  1. Designer Persona: It is a persona to be used for vector graphics. It has brushes, curves, vector brushes, drawing shapes, stroke options, crop tools, and transparency controls.
  2. Pixel Persona: Pixel Persona is a workspace tool similar to all Photoshop tools. It includes a freehand selection tool, a marquee tool, an eraser, and artistic pixel brushes. It also has tools such as burn, dodge, blur, sharpen, and smudge for photo manipulation. These tools are highly recommended for digital artists and painters.
  3. Export Persona: It is a space to export new graphics where artists can select their canvas areas.

Affinity Designer Pros and Cons

As we know, every coin has two sides, and so does Affinity Designer. Since we have taken full responsibility to provide you with all the details related to Affinity Designer in this article, our utmost priority is making you aware of its pros and cons. Affinity Designer is a fantastic alternative to Adobe. Usually, people switch to this because of its affordability but like it because of its excellent tools and features.

Affinity Designer Pros and Cons

Let us now have a look at its various pros and cons:

The Pros

  1. The first advantage is that, in Affinity Designer, you can press the undo button up to eight thousand times, which is too much and means that you can go back to the design history an unlimited number of times. Also, the design history never reset, which is an add-on advantage.
  2. You can create many layers of depth in your art as more than one fill or stroke is available for the design. You can apply numerous fills and strokes to a single object.
  3. A customizable arrow ending is provided to the pen tool.
  4. iPad users have a considerable advantage in using Affinity Designer.
  5. The bar at the bottom will show you the various ways you can use a tool once you click on any instrument.
  6. Affinity Designer is comparatively lighter and faster to use than the other apps.
  7. Affinity Designer has no subscription-based system, so you need not pay monthly or yearly subscriptions. It is a one-time investment software and is affordable to people dealing with economic factor issues.

The Cons

  1. Although it has multiple fills and stroke options, they only work on objects and not on groups of objects or texts.
  2. There is no option provided to you for exporting files.
  3. The natural perspective grid is unavailable, but this is not a big con if you don’t’ use it.
  4. It becomes messy while making minor vector edits, as the designer persona does not have a vector eraser.

The Affinity Designer advantage for iPad

As told earlier, the Affinity Designer is greatly beneficial if you use an iPad. It provides a separate iPad version with similar tools to the desktop version. The Apple Pencil works very smoothly on pixel persona and designer persona tools. Various points are available called ”nodes” and can be customized on their own. The Affinity Designer is said to be the best design app developed for iPad till now.


Affinity Designer is a fantastic software for illustrators, designers, and digital artists. However, it was made to provide a cheap alternative to Adobe and made its own identity worthwhile to purchase with unique tools and features. It has easy accessibility and requires a one-time investment, which offers a great advantage to students and freelancers who cannot afford much to spend.

We have provided you with all the details of this software and showed you all the pros and cons to give you an overview of what this software can do.

By the end of this article, we hope we have fulfilled our promise to guide you about Affinity Designer and you have got much information on this. You can also have a one-week free trial to satisfy yourself that you are making the right choice.

So what are you waiting for? Just go and buy this right now!