Dear middle-magnificence parents

Dear middle-magnificence parents 1

Cometh, June, mother, and father all at once keep in mind that I have something to do with schooling and start calling me to seek affirmation for what they’ve already determined. The popular theme of such conversations is they’re sending their youngster to Tom, Dick, and Harry University overseas, and they want me to ratify that it’s far well worth paying the twenty thousand bucks semester expenses as a way to earn the child an MBA in livestock ranching or something similar.

Dear middle-magnificence parents 2

Though I am sick and tired of those conversations as I understand from the start that they are no longer asking me for an honest opinion but want me to face as a moral guarantor whom they could blame later, I am now making my opinion public, so that I can forward a hyperlink to this blog and save myself a variety of typing. So, dear Indian mother and father, please get this through your panic-struck mind. This is feeling guilty of having given birth to a baby to go through this nation, which you recognize is certainly awful that no schooling that prices you your life of financial savings is well worth it. While you’re under the impression that your child, who lives in destiny and uses technologies that appear like magic to you, has “performed a whole lot of internet research” and found a gateway to heaven and is now pleading with you to fund his entry into it, what’s much more likely to have occurred is a lot extraordinary.