He Claimed to Have Been a Hero

After closing year’s mass shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas, a person calling himself David Briscoe defined how he had heroically barricaded the door of the schoolroom he was coaching in and informed students to lie down and cover their mouths as gunshots rang out nearby.

But the school district said Monday that the tale changed into false, and nobody by using that call had ever labored for the faculty.

Multiple information agencies blanketed quotations attributed to Briscoe after the May 2018 taking pictures that killed 10 and wounded thirteen. He stated he became a substitute English instructor and that the massacre passed off on handiest his third day coaching at the college.

“I barricaded the door with desks and tables and shut the lighting,” CNN quoted him as saying. In an editorial that has considering that been updated to cast off Briscoe’s account, CNN also pronounced that he stated he had “heard what gave the impression of a student getting hit by a bullet.”

The tale fell aside when The Texas Tribune commenced making inquiries following a telephone interview in April and found that it seemed Briscoe changed into by no means on the web page of the shooting.

“We can verify that there has never been an employee (component-time or full-time), substitute, vendor, contractor or intern running in Santa Fe ISD named David Briscoe,” Lindsey Campbell, a spokeswoman for the Sante Fe Independent School District, stated in an electronic mail.

The district’s superintendent, Leigh Wall, stated Monday that the apparent hoax became an instance of ways fast incorrect information can unfold, “especially when the quantity of targeted statistics to be had is restricted.”

“We are extraordinarily disappointed that a man or woman that has in no way been a part of our school network could represent themselves as a survivor of the mass violence tragedy that our network persevered on May 18, 2018,” she added.

Wall said that the district was grateful for the people correcting the file and became continuing to consciousness at the needs of its students.

Social media posts indicate that a Twitter account under Briscoe’s name endured to are trying to find out journalists this yr by way of claiming to have survived the shooting.

“I’m not too positive in case you recollect me but I changed into absolutely was apart of the Santa Fe capturing the last yr,” the account tweeted in April in reaction to a CNN reporter. “You, in short, wrote approximately me in an editorial remaining yr and it changed into incredible. 🙂 However, I become questioning in case you had been interested in doing an observe-up article? In mild of the recent suicides.”

The operator of the Twitter account below Briscoe’s name did no longer immediately reply to a direct message. Briscoe is indexed because the chief executive of a social media advertising organization, but an email sent to the indexed cope with turned into the lower back with a message announcing it couldn’t be brought.

The Tribune pronounced that the Twitter account with Briscoe’s name stopped responding to the information corporation’s messages when it commenced soliciting for an observe-up interview in May. In direct messages published by means of the news outlet, the Twitter account told a reporter that he had by no means lived in Texas, that certainly one of his employees had stolen his identity and that the worker has been the only quoted by using different information shops.

Time mag, which adds up to date its article to remove the person’s quotations, wrote at the time that “Briscoe’s truth — even though, he says, it nonetheless feels like a dream — is a nightmare for any teacher.”

Alexandra Samuels, the reporter who broke the tale for The Texas Tribune, stated she first wondered Briscoe’s account at the same time as reviewing notes from a telephone interview she performed with him. His remarks, she said, have been strikingly much like those she had to examine in his interview with Time magazine.

As Samuels endured reporting for a sequence on Santa Fe High School twelve months after the shooting, her suspicions handiest grew stronger.

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