Local SEO Strategies for Multiple-Location Businesses

Local SEO Strategies for Multiple-Location Businesses 1

It’s a good thing for businesses to have different locations. It shows that the products and services are popular and need to open other sites. It brings the industry closer to the target audiences. There’s no need to visit distant locations to purchase the items. The challenge for businesses is to develop online marketing strategies that will help boost all these branches. Therefore, asking for help from a Chicago SEO company would be helpful. With their expertise in online marketing, it’s easier to reach out to many target audiences. These are among the strategies for businesses with multiple locations that might be useful.

Location Businesses

Build different pages

The first step is to build different pages for every location. It would be unclear for people to visit one website and not know if it’s for nearby areas. However, while there are different pages for every site, they all need to bear the same logo and general appearance. It tells people that these locations are from the same parent company. It also helps strengthen the brand. Optimizing keywords for every site would also be important. Therefore, it’s necessary to build different pages.

Use different keywords

Search engine optimization is about the use of keywords to boost the ranking of websites online. For instance, if people look for a particular keyword, the website’s goal is to appear on top. Given the number of websites that also try to do the same, optimizing the same keyword would be challenging. Longer tail keywords would be helpful since they are more specific and easier to optimize. Adding the city or town name at the end of the keyword would help optimize the keywords for different locations. Instead of optimizing men’s shoes, the better keyword to optimize is men’s shoes in Chicago. Those who will search for this keyword probably live in the area and will probably buy the items offered.

Optimize the right landing page 

When optimizing keywords, the landing page should be more specific. It’s a mistake to use the main page as the landing page for all keywords optimized. For instance, if people search for particular services, they need to be redirected to the page where the services are available. If they only want to know the benefits and advantages of buying the products and services, there should also be a different landing page for what they’re looking for. It makes the job easier for users. They don’t have to go around the website to find what they want.

Create a business profile for each location 

Google My Business is vital for companies. They serve as a modern yellow page. When people want to look for specific companies and services, they will browse the information through the listing. Therefore, the business needs to have a complete profile for each location. It contains the specific address and contact information. When the users have already found what they want, they might immediately decide to call the company and close the deal.

Get reviews for every location.

Reviews are necessary for businesses to be more popular online. Most people read reviews first before they decide to buy the products and services. If they only see negative reviews online, they will look for other options. They might think that the feedback is generally negative because of the poor quality of the products sold. The worst part is that some businesses don’t even receive reviews. Some people might think that the company doesn’t even exist because there are no reviews available. Therefore, the goal is to have reviews for every location, and they should be primarily positive.

Pay attention to reputation management.

Reputation management is also about reviews. If the business has positive words all over the web, the company becomes more trustworthy. However, if the reviews are mostly negative, it will adversely impact the business’ reputation. Again, many people read reviews first before they decide to purchase specific items online. Reputation management is about guaranteeing a positive image of the business.

If there are negative reviews, there should be an immediate response. Some of these reviews are inaccurate and show a terrible side of the business. If untrue, there should be a response to present the correct narrative. If the concerns are valid, the company has to promise to address them. There should also be an explanation about what happened in the past. It shows to other readers of the reviews that the business is actively doing its role in helping the customers. The lack of response and focus on reputation management will indicate that the company doesn’t care. Again, it should include all the locations. Of course, it also means that every site needs to improve the services offered. If the company has six locations and only one messed up, the rest will suffer too. Rebuilding the reputation would be a daunting task.

Craft a similar message

Even if there are different locations, all these businesses belong to the same parent company. It’s essential to craft a similar message to create the same brand. If the business wants to advertise itself as an excellent option for affordable services, it should be the same message for all locations. Even if every place has its marketing department, everyone should be working on the same strategies and news.

Asking for help from SEO experts

Going through the online marketing process can be challenging. It’s not easy to be popular online, considering the number of businesses trying the same strategies. Therefore, it’s essential to have the services provided by a Chicago SEO agency that can be an excellent partner in this regard. These experts have been around for a long time and have provided help to different companies. It won’t be easy to figure out which strategies would work, and the experiences that these experts had over the years can be a huge help. They will start by planning the best options and determining the business’s suitability even with multiple locations.