TikTok in Hot Water For Supressing Videos

TikTok, the Chinese video-sharing app that filled the gap in the market left when Vine went away, is in hot water for suppressing videos from users with unacceptable identities. This discriminatory behavior was brought to light through the release of internal documents.


Generation Z and celebrities alike have been flocking to TikTok over the past year and our new world of social distancing and self-quarantining is further increasing the app’s traffic. However, The Intercept, an online investigative journalism site, just reported the troubling protocols required of TikTok moderators.

Leaked internal documents reveal that moderators are instructed to suppress videos of those who are deemed, “ugly, poor, or disabled.” The app also tries to parse out TikToks that show, “rural poverty, slums, beer bellies, and crooked smiles.” Overtly political content, specifically the content deemed undermining of “national honor,” is also pulled from the site. In addition, TikTok employees were reportedly told to flag content that promotes homosexuality, dwarfism and “too many wrinkles.” All of these protocols are meant to cultivate an attractive and apolitical environment. But the bottom line is that TikTok’s practices are discriminatory toward a wide array of people.

Intercept isn’t the first to call TikTok out on their questionable practices. Grammy award winning musician, Lizzo, has spoken out against the app in the recent past. Lizzo has become an hero in the body positivity community as a plus-size, black woman who often posts revealing photos of herself across social media platforms. She slammed TikTok for removing images of her in bath suits. If these judgments are suppressing the content of international celebrities, regular folks are surely affected.

TikTok has not apologized but claims the censorship is in place to limit bullying. They claim that by pulling controversial or “unattractive” videos, it is protecting those users from cyber harassment.

It’s also been reported that the company speaks directly with influencers on the app to inform them of any unpublished rules that moderators are enforcing. TikTok representatives did not comment on these exclusive video conferences.