Have Mobile Game Apps Contributed To Our Gaming Obsession?

Have Mobile Game Apps Contributed To Our Gaming Obsession? 1

A few years ago, we witnessed a large wave brought about by the Candy Crush mobile game. We saw or met every other person at the workplace, at home, or while commuting who was hooked to their phone, crushing colorful candies without being bothered about their surroundings.

It was an obsession for most people – for so many, the game helped them unwind and break the monotony. The twinkling crashes, intriguing sounds, and background score were gratifying. Today, games like Fortnite and PUBG offer a similar fascination.

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So, what keeps people hooked to mobile games? And, have mobile apps contributed to our gaming obsession (probably a good one)?

Mobile games are undoubtedly obsessive. The increased availability of mobile game apps has doubled addiction.

Perhaps one of the primary reasons mobile games like Candy Crush and many others have contributed to the gaming obsession is the portability factor. Gone are the days when we had to invest in professional gaming hardware and other equipment to satiate our gaming desires.

Since the advent of smartphones, mobile game apps have become easily accessible. Even an entry-level smartphone or tablet can support the users’ gaming infrastructure. The gaming industry is booming today for this reason, and players worldwide are embracing mobile gaming.

Another reason why mobile games are particularly an obsession is their dynamic nature. Things continuously keep changing and shuffling to help you escalate and complete every level.

How minutes change into hours – the time component – adds to the obsession. One can plug into another universe and tune out the real-world challenges. Games are designed so that you do not put them down so quickly. This suppresses the perception of time and several other factors. The escapism mobile games offer is what makes them so addictive.

Furthermore, the colors and sounds of mobile games make them even more inviting. Playing a block puzzle, for instance, traps your attention in the surreal world of appealing graphics and pleasing tunes. Plus, the constantly changing setting is like having an enticing elixir for yourself. A block puzzle may successfully cordon you off the outside world.

We tried playing the BlockuDoku block puzzle, and let us tell you – the game is highly stimulating and addicting. It offers a sense of achievement and a purpose of order when you drag and drop the blocks to destroy top shapes and streaks. We couldn’t keep a watch on the clock. Its minimalism and absorbing colors and sounds kept us playing for hours together.

That kind of appeal is what makes mobile game apps so addicting. With the gaming industry flourishing at an unparalleled scale, there’s no better time to pick up your smartphone and catch up with a popular game to feel the obsession yourself.