How to Keep Raccoons Away from Your Yard?

Raccoons have adapted to the suburban conditions, and they are very much intimidated by seeing a garden that offers all the terms for them to hangout. Raccoons are very smart in the animal kingdom since they have the skills to climb, run, jump with ease, swim and break into unusual places. They are tenacious and witty enough to create a mess in your yard, especially if they find things that attract them.

Many people get shocked to see their gardens rumpled in the morning without having to find the culprit. Raccoons are nocturnal, which means they wander at night to feed on your garden veggies, food in trash cans and maybe some other creature taking shelter in your garden. Yes, raccoons are omnivorous; that means they can eat everything.

If you have pets like hens, fishes, birds or small livestock; their life is in danger. Once these sporty critters come to know about the pets in your house, they will lurk around and take advantage of your mistakes to feed on them. How daunting, isn’t it? Therefore, if you want to get rid of these creatures without harming them, call wildlife control experts.

Here are the signs that ensure that racoons visit your garden-

  • Pits in your lawn
  • Empty or damaged birdfeeders
  • Droppings on woodpiles and below the trees
  • Fish missing from the fountain
  • Lost pets

I have come up with some points to keep them away from your yard-

1) Seal the trash cans- Raccoons can easily damage the trash cans for food, so make sure you use cinder blocks or locks to seal away the trash cans. Besides, use sturdy bags that reduce the meat odor to escape in air.

2) Keep your garden clean- Raccoons love a garden full of shrubs, mulch and mowed grass; it is better to clean them up. Seal all the hiding places and try to prune dense trees and plants. Cover the base of sheds with chicken wires to block their entrance.

3) Fence the garden- Fences make good boundaries but do not forget that raccoons are great climbers so wooden fences will not work for them. Think of the advance stuff like barbed wires and electric fences and set the timer, running it only during night time.

4) Use Animal Repellents- Animal repellents can work wonders in scaring away raccoons. Upon using animal repellents, many people were happy with the results and their fields were restored. Animal repellents will not only deter racoons from entering the parameters of your house but also some other encroaching animals.

5) Keep your pets inside during night- Not only your pets but also the leftover pet food because both can attract racoons in your yard. I am sure you wouldn’t want to lose your loving pets and turn them into racoon food.

6) Call the professionals- Sometimes controlling these active little creatures become challenging and I think that is the right time to call the raccoon removal professionals who can complete the job effortlessly.