Sri Sri Ravi Shankar gets honorary doctorate diploma

Spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has been conferred with an honorary doctorate diploma by using Russia-based Ural Federal University for his contribution to the development of inter-cultural friendship between India and the Russian Federation.

Shankar also signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Ural Federal University and Sri University in Odisha, India’s first alcohol, drugs, and smoke-free campus.

According to a professional statement, Victor Koksharov, Rector of the Ural Federal University, preferred Shankar for voluntarily running a company like ‘The Art of Living’ that may run 618 colleges catering to 80,000 children in offering free education.

In his popularity speech, Shankar said: “It is schooling that is wanted in each corner of this international for a glad nonviolent society. Whether it’s miles technology, arts or sciences or humanities, it’s far the universities that supply us a standard vision, a vision of what life is, how one should conduct one’s lifestyles. We have the era to connect lives, however, we need training that also connects the hearts, in which human values are given importance to.”

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