How are Armored Vehicles Different from Regular Vehicles?

Do you know that there are a vast number of armored vehicles being used by the civilians on the road almost every day? These security vehicles are hard to recognize at first glance and lool quite similar to the other cars being driven on the roads. The main reason behind their same look is that, over the past few years, the refinement in technology has converted these armored vehicles from tanks into various other models including electric cars, armored sedans and speciality vehicles that are easily purchased by people for various reasons.

Earlier, armored vehicles were limited to the VIPs, military and politicians, but now the trend shows a large number of sale of armored vehicles because of numerous safety reasons. Many people can afford to buy luxury armored sedans and SUVs to protect themselves from increased crimes and vehicle theft since these special vehicles comes with updated and security features that are not found in regular cars.

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While some armored vehicles like military trucks and police cruisers are meant to stand out, many armored cars are intended to blend in and remain inconspicuous. So here are some points that will help you distinguish between a regular car and an armored vehicle.

1) They have a heavy-duty steel frame- 

Once the machinery is set, the second thing added as the structure of the armored vehicle is ballistic-grade steel. This feature is the one that makes the body of an armored car different from the regular ones. The shape of the car is covered in tempered steel which is applied in a jigsaw puzzle frame with no gaps. The ballistic steel provides extra strength and makes it bulletproof.

2) They are installed with ballistic glass-

The glass used for armored vehicles is slightly different from that of a regular car. The windows are composed of a mixture of polycarbonate substrate and leaded glass. The reason behind using the combination is that they protect windows, windshield and rear-view from absorbing energy from assaults without breaking. The width of the glass may vary from one inch to three inches and the glass must be reinstalled entirely.

3) They have updated mechanics-

Since the material used to form the body and glasses is way more different than the regular cars, they carry more weight. Therefore, due to heavyweight, modified brakes, suspension, and engine components are used to haul the armored vehicle. All these features will provide you with a different experience of the drive once the armored car has been fully outfitted. To buy an armored sedan with the right fit, you must approach the reputed dealers and sellers who can offer you a variety of armored cars with various features.

4) They have robust bumpers and tyres-

The bumpers and tyres on an armored car can go through anything in case of a dangerous event and keep the passengers safe. The bumpers of an armored vehicle can withstand repeated impact and tyres maintain their function even when punctured.