5 Important Questions to Discuss with Your Car Accident Lawyer

5 Important Questions to Discuss with Your Car Accident Lawyer 1

Getting involved in a car crash is the last thing anyone would want. But because life always presents us with unpredictable happenings, you may need the assistance of an accident attorney in case you are left with severe injuries on the road. These folks have vast knowledge and can help you with all the legal issues concerning motor vehicle accidents.

5 Important Questions to Discuss with Your Car Accident Lawyer 2

However, you have to find the right attorney. Now, if you are wondering how to differentiate the best from the rest or hire someone who considers your case to be worth the trial, take the help of these fundamental questions –

Q1. What is your specialization?

Many lawyers in Toronto are competent enough to handle your accident or personal injury case. But almost all of them have attained different specializations in different areas. So, if you are looking for someone who has achieved expertise in this area, you better do your research and take a few recommendations from your family members or friends to ensure a favorable outcome for your case.

Q2. Do you think my case is strong enough? Should I pursue it further?

If you want to recover damages for your case, you have to prove that the other parties have been negligent by not acting with care or fulfilling their duty of sensible driving, which has, in turn, caused the accident. It is possible that your case is weak, and you have to settle with the insurance company. Hence, it would help if you took the opinion of your car accident attorney. Ask him to review your case, weigh options, and give you proper guidance.

Q3. Who will be working on my case?

Many people are disappointed that the lawyer they shortlisted after gruesome work is not handling the case independently and has designated a junior partner or a paralegal. Saying this doesn’t imply that they are not well-qualified or trained to manage your case. But honesty and integrity are vital traits you are looking for; therefore, you need to know up front whether the lawyer will take your case under his purview or ask someone else to do the job.

Q4. How are your case fees structured?

Several accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means they take the fees only if their client wins the case and gets compensated. They charge approximately twenty to forty percent amount of the total settlement. But, some charge hourly. So, if you cannot afford their high hourly rates, go ahead with a contingency fee arrangement – you will be equally better.

Q5. What is the estimated time duration for resolving my case?

This is crucial for the victims who have suffered severe injuries and damages such as lost income, out-of-pocket expenses, and medical bills during the car accident or dealing with emotional trauma, physical impairment, and pain and suffering following their accident. If you are to relate, ask your attorney how long they believe it will take to resolve your case thoroughly. A general estimate is required to get a sense of relief.