Stylish Ways to Shade Your Outdoor Space

Even though all of you want to relax and restore yourself during summers, yet not everyone wants to expose themselves to the harmful rays of the sun. Yes, summers could be refreshing and you must be splendid with the idea of sitting in your porch and relaxing, but the idea of scorching heat can ruin your plans.

But don’t worry! You can always block those harmful rays of the sun by incorporating innovative pergolas, bifold screens, shutters and other things which provides shade in your outdoor space. You can renovate your outdoor living space for including sun blockers so that you can invite your friends in your outdoor space for parties or spending quality time.

Here are some stylish ways of assimilating sun blockers in your porch-

1) Palm Spring Umbrella-

Going back to the basics and exploring the retro look with vintage furniture and an umbrella in your porch is one of the conventional methods of blocking the sun and enjoying the shade. If you have a moderate size outdoor space then having an old-fashioned zig-zag umbrella standing high above the table with seating goes well with the arrangement.

If you have a lavish outdoor space with a swimming pool then fitting matching umbrellas near the swimming pool loungers can do wonders in preventing the direct heat.

2) Adding Shade and Shelter with Pergolas-

If you are on a good budget, then don’t step back from creating your innovative space that could be used for various purposes from throwing outdoor summer parties to unwinding and relaxing. You can incorporate mural walls, fireplace, water features, a dining area and an extended outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven, custom cabinetry, a vegetable garden and a modern cantilevered pergola with a slanting roof.

Besides creating a chic look, kiosks can provide shade for dining and during outdoor activities. Pergolas can be decorated with lights, climbers and fences for the chilly evenings.

3) Colorful Awnings-

Awnings set well for small outdoor spaces and roof terrace so that you can visualize the surrounding view without worrying about the sun overhead. A canvas fabric awning with a bright color that doesn’t allow the light to part in and retracts when not in use makes an excellent choice for the roof.

If you have awnings from the time of your grandparents, then use it and incorporate it into pergolas giving it a new dimension. On the contrary, contemporary shelters are softer, durable and are made up of more pliable and longer-lasting materials.

4) Install an Acrylic Sheet-

Another way of introducing shade is by fabricating a semi-permanent roofing structure into the metal and cladding with an acrylic sheet. Acrylic sheets are translucent, which allows the pass-through while eliminating the heat of the sun and protecting from rain. Acrylic sheets could be assimilated in any part of the house such as balconies, rooftops, porch etc. They are an excellent means of saving energy and cutting electricity bills since the natural light passing through is enough for the day.